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Mutant phenotypes you may encounter in the lab


Project Assignment Guidelines - 

Directions for Articles - Assignment Handout

Directions for Posters

Open the poster template and use it as a guide for placement of the title and your name.   Replace "Your Name" with your actual name  - LEAVE "Genetics Spring 2018" on that line.  You may have more figures and different arrangement/placement of text and figures to suit your needs.  This is just a guideline for placement.  Make it look nice and be symmetrical.   You MUST ABSOLUTELY USE THE POWERPOINT TEMPLATE PROVIDED.  IF YOU DON'T, I WILL NOT PRINT YOUR POSTER AND YOU WILL GET A ZERO ON THIS ASSIGNMENT!  

Poster Template File.pptx (IT'S HERE)

Example Poster -  (finally)

view the powerpoint at 100% to get a feel for what the text size will actually be.  You can reduce the font sizes a little if you have more text or more figures to put on your posters.  Don't go below 24pt font.  The best font to use is Times New Roman.  It is the easiest to read at a distance.  Use at least 80 pt font for the title - the rule of thumb is the lettering of the title should be 1inch tall.   That is 96pt font. 

Newly eclosed flies

Caenorhabditis elegans

  dpy-13 phenotype induced by RNAi feeding.  


  Papers of interest

    von Mende et al  1988 dpy-13: A nematode collagen gene that affects body shape  Cell 55:567

    Zhou et al 2014 Nuclear RNAi contributes to the silencing of off-target genes and repetitive sequences in
               Caenorhabditis elegans  Genetics 179:121-132

 PCR gels   - Use the appropriate gel corresponding to your lab day to generate a figure for your write up.  The powepoint slides also contain a slide with adjustable marker labels to use to label the DNA size standards (markers). 



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Cell Division
Z. mays
D. melanogaster
C. richardii
C. elegans
S. cerevisiae
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Sacchromyces cerevisae

      Adenine and Tryptophan biosynthesis pathways download

      CRISPR ADE2 knockout PCR gel:   


Polymerase Chain Reaction 

These powerpoint files contain the amplification and dissociation curves for the Amelogenin and TASR38 PCR experiment.       

AMEL PCR DATA:   Plots                          Gels          

Copy the appropriate gel images from the powerpoint slides and paste them into your own file.  Copy the markers and paste them into your file also.  Follow the instructions given in class and on the marker slide to add the markers to your gel image.  Add the lane numbers.  Insert your image into your write up and add a figure legend. 

​​Drosophila melanogaster